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On Board MV Koha
Home Port - Tauranga, New Zealand
- 37° 40' 25.572", 176° 10' 22.9908"
Making Way
The nautical term making way applies to a vessel under its own power, whether wind or engine and moving ahead toward its destination. This month we have both been making way!

On Board MV Koha

In mid-March, I (Matthew) arrived in New Zealand to serve aboard the MV Koha ministry vessel currently docked in its home port of Tauranga, on the North Island, where the ministry and crew are preparing to ready her for the 2023 medical mission starting in May. As is common in maritime ministry, the need for a prepared crew is a constant challenge.

It takes a lot of commitment and dedication to see a ship readied for service. I will be on board for two and a half months, training the new crew in seamanship and ship maintenance as we prepare for the ship's deployment to the most northern islands of the Fijian chain.
This will be the longest period of time I have been away for some time but it is a key investment to support the vision of YWAM Ships Aotearoa, which operates the vessel. One of the long-term goals of the MAST Global training program is to help identify potential maritime missionaries.

This is no small task and we need all the help we can muster through prayer and advocacy. Another goal has been to identify a platform on which to train and this vessel is ideally suited to serve as a training vessel to meet that need.
"Thank you for being part of this KOHA team. Because of you, thousands of lives have been touched and improved" - Marty Emmett, YWAM Ships Aotearoa
Porthole View

Usually, the first message I (Sherry) receive when Matthew arrives on board the ship is a photo of the cabin he is staying in, which usually includes a porthole! Inching closer to see the layout beyond the portlight, I can usually tell whether his cabin is port or starboard side, how close they are docked to other vessels, or in this case a bridge, and maybe the weather of the day. The closer I get, the better impressions I have to determine the details and get the "lay of the land" or in this case, the water!

This porthole view is applicable to other areas of life and ministry. As we move actively more toward something, we are better able to see what we were unaware of at the start. Since the completion of my international ministry leadership graduate program, I have developed a better understanding of how I can best support Matthew and the MAST training program, while also developing plans for missions coaching.

Two weeks ago, I completed a four-day training, "Coaching Mastery Foundations", offered by Creative Results Management, an internationally-certified coaching program. It was intensely rewarding training both in the curriculum and practice, as well as for networking with others pursuing coaching training in the missions field. It is the first step towards gaining a Level 1 certification from the International Coaching Federation.
Would you consider partnering with us financially as we continue Making Way?

Our goal this year is to provide technical training for 75 maritime missionaries and meet the physical needs of over 2000 in communities of the South Pacific and Madagascar.

See details here or click below to give. Thank you!

Peace and grace,

Matthew & Sherry

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