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Why Maritime Training?

Maritime ministry vessels operate to reach some of the most isolated communities globally and technical crewing is often the greatest and most commonly felt need. MAST Global provides technical training to maritime missionaries to advance their SEAMANSHIP and onboard SAFETY skills. This maximizes the operational effectiveness of the ministry vessel on which they serve, impacting more lives with health and healing services.

The Need for Training is Great!

Many isolated island communities struggle to receive basic services but ministry vessels bring medical aid, along with doctors, dentists and ophthalmologists offering primary health care, health promotion, preventative medicine and oral health, and to correct reversible vision loss and cataract blindness. Ships make this possible - they are a vital and necessary form of transportation to bring restoration and transformation to these remote locations. However, without a trained technical crew, these services are severely restricted.

The goal of MAST Global is to train an additional 300 maritime missionaries by Jan 1st, 2027, to deepen the quality and breadth of technical training within maritime ministries and aboard vessels reaching isolated island communities of the South Pacific, Madagascar and the Caribbean.

This need calls for action. We are called to go with your help.

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What Others are Saying . . .
Students, MAST Partners & Ministry Leaders
  • Branden Sands
    Crew Member
    SY Next Wave
    "The world needs ship-based ministries, and those ships need seaman to run them. Matthew Baumgardner has mastered his skills and wants to share that with the next generation to continue the good work. His knowledge, wisdom, patience, passion, and teaching ability are rivaled by few. I greatly enjoyed his guidance and consider myself a better seaman because of it."
  • Charlene Calish MBA
    The Boeing Company (Retired)
    MAST Partner
    "My husband and I have supported the Baumgardners for many years and the word that I would use to describe them is a family of integrity. Matthew has personally trained our son in maritime mission work through YWAM. Our financial support gives us a front row seat to this great adventure and calling. We know our dollars will have an eternal impact because of our partnership with MAST Global."
  • Captain Brian Sloan
    Maritime Academy
    "There has never been a more important time for innovative maritime training, with the continuing shortages in qualified crews worldwide and the growing need to help isolated island communities with vessels manned by well-trained crews. Matthew and Sherry Baumgardner of MAST Global are trustworthy guides to find a way through the labyrinth of qualifications and the many skills needed to pursue a maritime career."
Ministry Partners
We are committed to training missionaries in advancing their seamanship and safety skills on whichever maritime ministry vessel they serve and it is a privilege to have worked with these ministry partners, as well as organizations and churches that support our vision.

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