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What's your Passion?

Making an Impact
Reaching the Isolated
Making an Impact
A heart for the Kingdom?
In this world we all have something we are passionate about. For some it's sports, for others it's travel. Whatever your interest is, there are opportunities to enjoy these passions and pursuing them is healthy for us as we are to enjoy God's creation!
How about the passions God's places on hearts for His Kingdom?

Perhaps a Godly desire to see the end of poverty, or justice served for those who have been mistreated?

Maybe it's to end bible poverty or see the health care of remote peoples improved.

God's Passion
God's passion of course is us! He has proven Himself faithful time and time again from loving the nation of Israel to the ultimate passion, the sacrifice of His only Son!

So, what's our passion you ask?
It's to use every gift we have been given, both practical and spiritual, to advance God's Kingdom. We do this through teaching and instruction onboard ministry ships and boats of all sizes. These vessels are used to bring the Good News, that passion that God has given us, to give to the thousands of people accessible by water.
a compelling desire for someone or something

Did you know there are 25,000 islands in the Pacific Ocean alone.
  • Many islanders still do not have a bible in hand or one in their mother tongue
  • Tens of thousands are hungering for a conversation with God
  • Many have little or no access to the most basic health care
  • There are no shortage of opportunities to be Jesus

We are passionate about reaching these people!
So we are continue to train mariners for impact!

What's your passion?

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