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This one was frightening!

Regarded as the worst natural disaster in the country's history.
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All Bahamian's have a love for the water
September 1st, 2019

When Hurricane Dorian hit the Northern Abaco Islands in the Bahama chain that September day, it was one of the worst to have made landfall in recorded history. Branden Sands was home with his family on the southern part of Abaco when the storm made landfall. Branden recalls the storm in sobering detail having lived on the island all his life and having experienced several other Hurricanes.

"The noise was terrible. I have lived through several other hurricanes that have come ashore here but nothing like this. As a child you would think that I would be afraid but this one was frightening! As the eye passed close you could feel the pressure change in the atmosphere and the sound was as if many locomotives were passing right by your door."
Branden has been sailing since he was very young

All Bahamian's have a love for the water, whether it's to fish or for pleasure. When the ministry vessel MV Pacific Hope came to offer aid to the island, Branden and his family began to help as they have a strong standing in the community.

When the SY Next Wave was preparing for its repositioning sail from Turkey to the Bahamas, Branden was asked if he would help sail it. He agreed and I met him when I boarded the vessel in Palma for the Transatlantic sail. He had already been onboard for several months and we struck up a friendship quickly. He shared with me that he wanted to pursue his 500-ton Captain's License.

Branden securing a buoy
The buoy was being stowed in a small bay next to the SY Next Wave docked in Great Abacos, Bahamas as it came free from its mooring during Hurricane Dorian.

During a sqaull the buoy had come free again from its temporary mooring so Branden used the tender to tow it back and better secure it.
He had already begun working through the International Shipping Federation (ISF) training record book and so for the next month and a half we used this time to teach each other. I am by trade a motor ship sailor and he being a sailboat sailor we were able to learn from each other. It was a privilege to invest in this young man both in a practical way as well as spiritual.

- Matthew

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