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So What is a Vocational Aptitude?

A component of a competence to do a certain kind of work at a certain level.
Training with YWAM Corpus Christi
"You need to invest in students who have a practical vocational aptitude", was my response.

It was the first snow day of the new year and Matthew had driven for nine hours to the south west coast of Texas, at the Gulf of Mexico. Yet, a late arrival didn't stop discussion late into the evening as we immediately discovered a shared passion for maritime ministry.

Tom and Holly Schmidt have recently established a YWAM Ships ministry in Corpus Christi, training young men and women who love God and who have a passion to be change makers for His kingdom.

Matthew's time there was to explore the potential for collaboration between MAST Global and their ministry, both in serving them as ministry leaders and providing maritime training for their students. They have seen the need many ship ministries have for qualified and trained crew and understand that those needs cannot be met overnight.

"Don't forsake small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin."
Zechariah 4:10

Maritime Track DTS

Two years ago we developed a curriculum designed to complement the format of YWAM's DTS (a five month Discipleship Training School) which was pioneered on the SY Next Wave, then docked in Greece. This Maritime DTS is a comprehensive basic seamanship and safety curriculum with built in flexibilty to allow the ministry to customize the content depending on the student body.

Historically the longevity of technical students remaining to serve on board and 'stay the course' on maritime ministry vessels has been low. Even to start out the process of learning and working towards maritime qualifications has been a struggle.

Interestingly, one of the discussions we had was based on an idea that has been formulating in our minds for some time. To see retention rates increase and longevity of service aboard maritime ministry vessels, there needs to be a shift in how students are found and recruited. We need to invest in students who have a practical vocational aptitude with a heart for missions.

Curriculum Outline
Each one of these weeks represents information, techniques and skills the student will need in order to be an effective part of any ships compliment whether in Deck, Engineering or Crew Services.
I shared my own story of how I started out 34 years ago in my calling to maritime missions. My father recognized that I had a vocational practical aptitude and when God directed me to the MV Anastasis all those years ago when she docked in my hometown of Portland, Oregon, little did he know that I would take to ships like a duck to water when I sailed with ship's crew for its 1987 outreach to Mexico!

This new Maritime DTS is scheduled to start in April and we will be a part of both helping to establish this program by facilitating the seamanship and safety instruction. We're looking forward to supporting YWAM Ships Corpus Christi in this new ministry venture.

Would you pray for this new training?
- Matthew

Pray for the preparation, recruitment and on-site training to bear much fruit!

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