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Just days before leaving for a two-month trip to New Zealand to join the MV Koha ship to instruct for the Maritime Training course, the decision was made not to travel due to COVID-19. Subsequently the training scheduled for April 1 had to be canceled.

While this situation is unforeseen, we are working hard to continue building a strong foundation for MAST Global and are planning for future maritime training opportunities.
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We are sure you are experiencing the effects of response to the COVID-19 virus where you live but we hope and pray that this finds you in good health. By now everyone has heard of social distancing as a strategy to stem the spread of the coronavirus. But social-distancing is an inaccurate term. A more precise term is physical distancing. At this time, we actually need more social connection, especially when our local town here in Texas instituted a Shelter-in-Place restriction just today.

In our family, we are all expanding our skills of how to communicate through new technologies available, finding alternative ways to learn or work each day.

Don't push the pause button! Use your new open schedule to accomplish some goals. Work on a deeper spiritual walk with God, write a book, plant a vegetable garden, walk the dog twice as far. It's up to you!
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What strategies are you using to adapt where you are?