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Rust Never Sleeps

From Stem to Stern
Drydock, Lautoka, Fiji
Bula (hello) from Fiji!

There is a saying on ships, that implies by the time you get from one end to the other you will find yourself back at the beginning. Similarly, rust never sleeps! Add salt water and air and you have a potent mix. This shipyard work phase in Lautoka, Fiji is no different and proves these adages - from the anchor and its chain to the wear and tear on the propellers and the shaft.

I am very pleased with how this time in drydock for the YWAM Koha has progressed, especially with the safety aspect while working onboard and sitting high above the water. The crew is healthy and there have been no issues with dehydration, which can be challenging working in a tropical setting.
Fijian Laughter

During the last two weeks, work has ranged from sandblasting the hull ready for the anti-fouling paint to the removal, inspection, repair, and reinstallation of all seawater valves. Painting the hull is underway and the engineers removed the shaft to replace the bearings it rides on (see pic above).

I have especially enjoyed working with several volunteer Fijians, their laughter is contagious! It has been a good reminder of what is truly important. Please pray for this remaining time, for continued safety onboard the ship. My experience has been that even the safest day on a ship is dangerous.
"Through the partnership of 150+ volunteers and countless generous donors,
3,891 (remote islanders) were given dental, optometry, or general medical care"

- YWAM Ships Aotearoa
Kia Ora (hello) from New Zealand!

My family have remained in Tauranga, New Zealand during this time I have been onboard in Fiji. While it's disappointing not to have been able to move on board together, we are grateful for accommodation locally. Please pray as we plan for the next few weeks for our family for Christmas and the New Year. The drydock work here in Fiji should be completed this week. However, the sail date for the ship's return from Lautoka, Fiji to Tauranga, New Zealand is unknown.

- Matthew

PS: Enjoy this video highlighting the extensive impact of the 2023 Medical Mission reaching remote communities across Fiji!
2023 Fiji Medical Mission Overview
PC: MAST Global & YWAM Ships Aotearoa

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