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Missions in the Modern Day

An interview with Randy Bohlender
Matthew Baumgardner:
A Mariner Bringing the Gospel to the Nations through Maritime ministry.

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An interview with Randy Bohlender
Listen to the podcast to learn about Matthew's first ministry deployment, the ships he has worked with, the global ministries we now partner with and the vision to extend our reach through maritime training.
"From vessels sixty to six hundred feet long, Matthew has used his mariner training and expertise to serve the nations of the world. Spending your working hours on boats and ships is foreign to many of us. Listen and learn about how God is using maritime ministry to bring relief, aid and the Gospel to the nations."
-Randy Bohlender

It was a privilege for Matthew to sit down recently and chat with Randy Bohlender, host of 'Missions in the Modern Day' from the Charisma Podcast Network and to have the opportunity to share his story and experiences from over 30 years serving in maritime ministry.

It's an area of Christian ministry service that many are unaware exists and this interview explores the critical need for trained mariners on board ministry vessels.

Learn about how it all began, what we do, and what the vision is for the future.
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