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On-the-Job Training

Deploying to Fiji
Departing for Fiji Medical Mission 2023
On-the-Job Training
Meet Naomi!

Recently arrived in New Zealand from Wales, Naomi came with an open mind and heart for what God would have her do. Having recently finished her law degree, she felt led to serve short-term with the crew of the MV YWAM Koha, as it prepares for its medical mission to Fiji.

I've had the privilege to provide varied on-the-job training, from safe working practices when loading cargo, to splicing a new grab rope onto a life ring. These are all small but vital parts of a much larger picture of using the ship as a platform to bring hope.

Along with developing her practical seamanship skills, I have discipled Naomi as she continues her faith journey. It has been an honor to work alongside her and see her progress.

We are committed to training volunteers like Naomi and to being a vital part of the work this ship and her crew has been preparing for.

Sailing To Fiji

Soon, the MV Koha will pull away from the dock in Tauranga, New Zealand to sail for Fiji. The crew is on the job and ready to serve, making their way to the remote island communities of the South Pacific.

This five-month medical mission extends from June 3 until October 14, 2023, during which time the ship will visit multiple remote island locations for two weeks programs.

Last Saturday, the ship was moved to bunker 45,000L of diesel into the ship's fuel tanks. Nearly 200 boxes of donated dental, medical, and miscellaneous healthcare supplies have been loaded on board, and safety drills conducted to ensure they are ready for any situation.

Ready to Serve

Volunteer professional dentists, dental assistants, dental therapists, dental hygienists, registered nurses, and physiotherapists will be joining to serve, as well as maritime professionals and volunteer crew. They all share a common mission, to reach the isolated communities of Fiji!

The theme for YWAM Ships Aotearoa's deployment is to "Go Again Better"! That's the goal in every area. They have added more outreaches this year hoping to empower healthy lives for many more individuals. They also aspire to see the crew thrive on this deployment. They realize, to succeed, the mission has to be sustainable for the hard-working crew who deliver services to the people in need.
"We are genuinely grateful for all those who have helped prepare the ship, the dental clinics, and the multiple areas of ministry so we can launch the team off to serve again.
This truly is a mission driven by us all. Thank you for the part you play!"

Marty Emmett, YWAM Ships Aotearoa
We have played a small part in preparing the vessel for deployment, and it is only possible through the generosity of our MAST Partners.

You are making an incredible difference - Thank you!

Peace and grace,

Matthew & Sherry

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