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MV Amazing Grace

Preparing to Sail!
Serving the islands and isolated coastal regions of the Sea of Cortez, Mexico
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YWAM Ships Mazatlan
Introducing MV Amazing Grace

The MV Amazing Grace, operated by YWAM Ships Mazatlan, is equipped to serve the islands and isolated coastal regions of the Sea of Cortez, Mexico as a medical mission vessel. Some of these regions are not well connected to the rest of the country, leaving the people who live there with unique needs that can't easily be met via land travel.
"We believe that everyone should have access to clean water, medical treatment, a safe home, and the opportunity to hear the word of God. YWAM Ships Mazatlan serves to equip missionaries, both young and old, with the tools to effectively help people in impoverished situations as well as to preach the gospel cross-culturally."

YWAM Ships Mazatlan
Critical Need: Maritime Training

The vessel has undergone extensive renovation and outfitting for service and now attention is turning towards their crewing/manning needs. MAST Global is looking forward to assisting YWAM Ships Mazatlan through our MSS (Maritime Safety and Seamanship) training to help them meet this critical need, now and in the future, which is commonplace for maritime ministries, and to facilitate online training to overcome potential COVID-19 travel restrictions.
MV Amazing Grace
Originally built in England in 1939, the MV Amazing Grace is 101 foot long (33m), 145 gross ton ship stationed in Mazatlan, Mexico, and is equipped to serve the islands and coastal regions of the Sea of Cortez. pc:ywamshipsmazatlan
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