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Help us train an additional 75
maritime missionaries this year!

Your donation allows us to train more maritime crew aboard ministry vessels operating to reach some of the most isolated communities globally providing essential medical, dental, and vision-repair services alongside primary healthcare training.
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Our 2023 Ministry Fund Goal
$19,000 (£14,500)
Fully Funded - thank you!

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Flight & Travel
Help be boots-on-the-deck, providing hands-on training to maritime missionaries. We have multiple training opportunities planned for 2023/4.

Field Equipment
This includes 1 x life jacket, 1 x personal EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon), 15 x On Board Training Record books and deck tools.
Office Equipment
Your donation will enable us to purchase a much-needed laptop (FUNDED! Processor i7, Memory 8-12 GB RAM, 500 Solid State) and a ministry camera.
Professional Costs/Other Fees

Your donation will enable renewal of Matthew's training expenses for his Merchant Mariner Credentials, and Sherry's Coaching Certificate training.
Help us train 75 maritime missionaries this year.
Make a donation today!
Your donation enables more missionaries like Branden to be trained for service aboard medical ministry vessels!

Help us to train
more missionaries!

Your donation provides training for maritime missionaries serving aboard medical mission vessels as they bring education, clean water, shelter and healthcare services to those in need.