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A ships update from the South Pacific

PC: YWAM Medical Ships Australia
What is a picture of the future you seek to create?
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MV YWAM PNG & MV Koha Update
If you were asked, "What is a picture of the future you seek to create?", what would your reply be? For some it might be a return to a 'normal' post-COVID existence. Others may have seen the benefits that have surfaced due to the pandemic and a future that is better because of it.

There is no question that we have all been changed by it and have found new ways to live and work, and adapt as needed.

This has been true for the ministries we support and we wanted to let you know their latest news.
YWAM Medical Ships Australia

Matthew first visited the YWAM PNG in 2016. Since lockdown the ship has been docked in its home port of Townsville, Australia but finally returned to Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea in February. Currently preparing for its medical outreach to the Western Province, they are also constructing a training facility at Port Moresby which will include a medical center, radio station, a dental semi-trailer for local schools, and an outreach support center, that will serve their work across the nation of Papua New Guinea.
Crew are getting ready to deploy to Western Province, Papua New Guinea to reach remote communities with essential healthcare and training.
PC: YWAM Medical Ships Australia
YWAM Ships Aotearoa, New Zealand

The MV Koha is gearing up for outreach to the Pacific Islands this year. A short period in drydock took place in early March, and now she is undertaking a four-port PR tour visiting cities around New Zealand to promote the upcoming deployment of the vessel later in 2021. We were privileged to be on board the Koha 18 months ago when she docked in Whanganui on the South Island, where she has just spent a few days open for tours before departing due to a deteriorating weather forecast, and is now sailing for Wellington.
Currently sailing:
Wanganui to Wellington,
New Zealand

PC: YWAM Ships Aotearoa
COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on both these ship ministries but they are committed more than ever to providing life-giving services, in the name of Jesus, to the remote communities they serve.
So, what is a picture of the future we seek to create?

One where our training partnership with maritime ministries enables them to fulfil their mission with excellence and improve the lives of individuals in the communities they serve.

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