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Fiji Medical Mission 2023
Have you ever hoped for something?

Without a doubt, we have all hoped for something in our lives. Hope can be defined as a desire accompanied by expectation of or belief in fulfillment.

Earlier this month, we invited many of you to join us for our 'Bring Hope' evening where we shared our vision for supporting medical missions through maritime training. It was a special event, aimed at demonstrating our mission of bringing hope and glory to remote island communities. Encouraging conversations took place that evening, bringing us closer to our goal of joining the MV Koha in early November.

As a result of that Silent Auction evening and the generosity of donors following the event, we have been able to achieve our goal of fully funding our flight and ministry costs!!

Thank you to everyone who attended the event, to those who generously gave their support, to the volunteers who devoted their time, to the businesses that contributed to the auction. Your generosity will bring hope to isolated islands and coastal communities.
Clear vision

The crew of the Koha has just completed their 6th outreach to the outlying islands of Fiji. The focus has continued on meeting the dental needs of these remote islanders but now there is a new addition to the oral care that is being given - personalized eye care.

The volunteer team included optometry professionals who have facilitated providing custom prescription eyewear for children and adults.

An earlier outreach to Rabi Island was completed and the number of people served was incredible. 690 people were seen by a dentist in the first 8 days and 386 people were seen by the optometry team, with each receiving new prescription glasses! We too often take for granted the care we receive. It has become standard but this is not the case for so many like those in Fiji.
Since June islanders have been provided free of charge with over 8,000 services including-
1,725 Oral Procedures
2,675 Oral Health Instruction
726 Eyeglasses Distributed
1,779 Basic Health Screenings
Moving On Board

We are currently packing up our home in Texas and preparing to travel to New Zealand to move aboard the Koha for six months.

We are continuing to fundraise to be fully-supported to enable us to focus fully on the ministry work at hand. We invite you to financially partner with us, as we work on board and train maritime missionaries bringing hope to these remotest of island communities.

You can find out more here, or click below to donate.

Thank you!

Matthew & Sherry

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