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Can practical training happen off ship?

Exploring Maritime eTraining
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Exploring Maritime eTrainnig

COVID-19 & Training
Last week, Matthew was on a Zoom call with colleagues from the University of the Nations Maritime Academy and YWAM Ships Newcastle to discuss the upcoming month-long Maritime Safety & Seamanship Training (MSS) scheduled for September in Australia.

COVID-19 travel restrictions have already resulted in cancellation of Matthew's trip to New Zealand aboard the YWAM Koha earlier this year. Joining the repositioning sail from Turkey aboard the YWAM Next Wave this summer also had been put on hold due to restrictions for those traveling from the US. Similarly, the MSS training in Australia had to be postponed.
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(a course of action, differing from a preceding course)

Ready about
Over the last two months we have strategically considered how to overcome these hurdles and we have seen the progression toward online learning as a tool to expand the program. It would enable us to orientate trainees with seamanship and safety basics and may reduce the time needed to be onboard in the future. It will help us streamline what we do and facilitate training expansion, as students in multiple locations can join in at any given time.

Applied Technology in Online Learning
Sherry has been studying for the last 18 months towards her MA Intercultural Leadership program, which is 100% online format and our two eldest boys will benefit from online learning for their respective college classes this next semester. We recognize that the platform of online learning (or eTraining) will be greatly used and even expected in the future.

So this summer Matthew took a course in Applied Technology in Online Learning, hosted in the UK with global participants ministry-wide. It was an excellent training with curriculum covering many aspects of establishing an effective eTraining program. We have also been invited by UofN Maritime Academy to contribute to their curriculum development for online training.
Challenges turned to opportunity - MASTGlobal eTraining

Through this time we see a transition into things we never expected, including how to -
  • Provide much-needed maritime training even when international travel is restricted
  • Maximise the use of new technologies and platforms which can facilitate eTraining to match the students needs
  • Network with other ministry leaders making the same transition to online learning
This is why we love serving globally and plan to expand our reach even further using eTraining as a training tool. The travel restrictions we viewed as our greatest challenge, will actually enable us to train more people.

Of course, we wait expectantly for the day Matthew can be 'boots-on-the-deck' again, but value this season for the new opportunities it has given us to see that Maritime Training can happen off-ship!

What opportunities has COVID-19 opened up for you?