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Back Slice, Eye Splice
& a Short Splice

Mid-Atlantic Training
Where's the Marlinspike?
Seamanship Training on SY Next Wave
International Shipping Federation (ISF) training workbook

Our 21-day sail crossing the Atlantic is nearly at an end with just a few days more before making land in the Bahamas. During this time, we have seen God's faithfulness with plenty of opportunities to train. Two of the current volunteer crew are working towards getting their professional seafarer's qualification.

We use the International Standards for Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping (STCW) Convention approved International Shipping Federation (ISF) training workbook for those pursuing their Able-Seafarer qualifications. It provides an excellent tool to record and track each trainee's progress. These books can span several years as it takes this long to gain the experience needed.

On Board Training Record Book
RFPNW & Ratings Qualifying As Able Seafarer Deck
Bridge Watch, Steering, Maneuvering under a Pilot

During the last few weeks, training has encompassed bridge watch-keeping duties, steering by hand and responding to commands while maneuvering under a pilot.

We have been also practicing splicing 3-strand rope, a requirement for seafarers. The splices include a back slice, a eye splice and a short splice along with practicing knots such as the bowline and reef knot, amongst others. We've covered correct tying down of cargo as we took on five 3000 liter fuel tanks and had to tie them down securely. For this we used cargo ratchet straps but in the end an old favorite of mine, the Spanish windlass, was used.
Marlinspike (/ˈmɑːrlɪnspaɪk/; sometimes marlin spike, marlinespike, or the archaic marlingspike/marling-spike) is a tool used in marine ropework.
Training the Next Generation!

It has been fantastic to see a new generation of young mariners who love Jesus and want to use their God-given aptitude and passion for the Kingdom.

When the SY Next Wave arrives into Great Abaco, Bahamas we will go alongside sister vessel, the Pacific Hope.

The Pacific Hope is currently working in partnership with Logos Hope, ministering to the islanders severely impacted by devastation from previous hurricanes.
Photos taken aboard Pacific Hope, Vanuatu 2017