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Soso Village, Kadavu Island, Fiji
1 Ship | 7 outreaches | 4 Regions
Fiji MEdical Mission 2023
A Simple Infection
Soso Village

A simple infection has the potential to turn into a fatality in the isolated islands of the South Pacific.

Sadly, this is the reality for the close-knit community living in the village of Soso on Kadavu Island, one of Fiji's remote islands.

For the past two weeks, the YWAM Koha has been anchored close to its shore for the first of seven dental and healthcare outreaches taking place over the next fifteen weeks. From June until October, the ship will visit four regions across Fiji reaching multiple island people groups.

Its crew, comprised of dentists and medical professionals, as well as technical support volunteers, have been reaching the island's shoreline by launch boat, transporting islanders back for treatment to the ship's dental suite which is housed within two converted shipping containers positioned on the foredeck.
An Urgent Need

The first day of clinics demonstrated the urgency of the medical and dental needs in these remotest of islands. A team member sat with a young lady in the small village of Soso, in the province of Kadavu. While waiting to see the dentist, this young lady shared that her mother had just passed away because of a simple infection.

Coupled with poor health, diabetes, and a lack of access to health care, this infection took her life. Had the ship been there a few days earlier, the outcome could have been very different.

One year ago today, 22nd June 2022, I had my own medical emergency when I was hospitalized with a double pulmonary embolism. That night I was given a 50:50 'chance' of survival, so we are all too aware of the impact of extreme medical emergencies and immensely grateful for the medical care I received and to all those who prayed.

Yet, for this young lady to lose her mother to such a simple condition is heartbreaking.
339 Patients

It was a privilege to be part of preparing the ship to sail so she can reach these isolated communities with healthcare services. I had spent a successful 2 months on board assisting the crew in need of maintenance on deck as well as providing informal seamanship and safety training. Reflecting on this time onboard, we are both humbled by the impact now being made in Fiji!

During the first two weeks serving Kadavu Island, the crew was able to impact the lives of 339 patients.

"I am very thankful for the support that has been given, especially to see our people here in Kadavu, who are the most unreached. Vinaka vakalevu - Thank you so much and God Bless you in all your efforts .. please do keep coming back as often as you can"

- Hon. Lynda Tabaya,
Minister for Women, Child and Poverty Alleviation, Fiji
Thank you for being an essential part of this extraordinary voyage. Your generosity has propelled us forward and it is your unwavering belief in our ministry that fuels our determination to bring hope to those in need in Christ's name.

We are inspired by the potential that lies ahead in our partnership with the MV YWAM Koha and have some exciting news that we will be sharing soon!

Vinaka vakalevu! Thank you so much!

Matthew & Sherry

PS: Watch this message of thanks from YWAM Ship Aotearoa - you are making a difference!

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