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Proficiency in Survival Craft Course
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Expect the Best, Train for the Worst
Imagine the seas are calm and you're motoring along happily. But then you hear the ship's whistle sound out seven short blasts and one prolonged one. Mariners know what that means . . .

"Abandon Ship!"

It's not the emergency signal anyone wants to hear, but you need to prepare for it as if it will happen.

I recently attended a Proficiency in Survival Craft Refresher course in South Texas. The certification is required every five years by the United States Coast Guard for all career mariners, in lieu of time at sea, to ensure their professional credentials remain valid.

Regardless of size, vessels are either equipped with a lifeboat(s) or life rafts. Knowing how to operate and safely launch these life-saving devices is the difference between a good day at sea and one that could end in disaster!
The need for safety aboard ministry vessels is no different than that of commercial ships. With proper and caring training the crew will have done all they can to ensure a successful ministry outreach. Valuing each life and understanding its eternal significance, there is an even greater responsibility to be safe!

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- Matthew

PS: Here are the other alarms used on board ship in the event of an emergency!

View from the enclosed lifeboat that holds 150 people