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4 days of Beam Seas

Palma, Mallorca to Tenerife, Canary Islands
Preparing to Cross the Atlantic . ..
On Board SY Next Wave
Boots on the deck again
The sea state was Gale Force 5 which meant waves were rising to 8 ft with many white caps and winds up to 21 knots of speed. The vessel, although seaworthy, is designed for coastal sailing and so her hull is more round than deep, like many ocean-going vessels. This meant she rolled from side to side with a very pronounced movement, at the most 35° either way!

The SY Next Wave arrived in Tenerife after a five-month renovation phase in shipyard near Istanbul, Turkey. Matthew joined the vessel's relocation journey in Palma, Majorca and made the seven-day sail through the Mediterranean and out into the Atlantic turning south and following the coast of Morocco.

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beam seas
a sea that is running at approximately right angles to a vessel's heading.

Beam Seas
"We enlisted the main sail and jibs forward to help stabilize her which helped significantly. As the low pressure moved north from the Canaries the wind died down but the waves took some days to dissipate. The term 'Beam Sea' refers to the waves moving at right angles to the vessel. As we headed south, the waves moved from starboard to port, which caused the rolling."

Preparing to Cross the Atlantic
Thank you for your continued prayers for the crew as they prepare to make way across the Atlantic to the Abacos Islands. Carrying extra fuel on deck to allow a buffer when it comes to the ship's course, it is likey they will have to make changes due to tropical storms at this time of year.

They are planning on a three-week sail but in all likelihood will be nearer four. Matthew has sailed with the Captain many times over the last eight years, including from Japan to the Philippines and most recently aboard the MV Koha in New Zealand. He is grateful for an experienced crew to work alongside, as well as the opportunity to develop seamanships skills of younger members of crew on board.
Ship Tracker
Check the progress of the SY Next Wave's transatlantic sail by using the ship's tracker here.
Why the Bahamas?
The SY Next Wave has operated in Europe since 2007, most recently providing aid and spiritual support to Greek refugee camps in Lesvos. She was recently acquired by Pacific Hope Global and is relocating to the Caribbean. She will dock close to the MV Pacific Hope which arrived in 2018, providing ship-based construction, medical and ministry outreach to the Caribbean islands hit hardest by Hurricane Maria, Irma and Dorian.
Canary islands

The Abaco Islands, Bahamas

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