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March Update

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Ongoing Preparation for Fiji Mission 2024
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Final Weeks Onboard The Koha

Rain and thunder can lend an ominous feeling to any situation. None maybe more so than overstaying your welcome in another nation. When I arrived back into New Zealand on Christmas Eve day the ship and crew went through the customary ritual of that nations customs and immigration officials coming onboard to make sure everyone onboard is who they say they are and that they have leave to stay. After the celebration of Christs birth I was going through my passport and realized that it had not been stamped and began to wonder what this meant for me staying in country.

With the sound of the storm outside the ship Sherry and I concluded that the information that I had been given and had planned this time onboard the YWAM Ship Koha was incorrect. As I had been in the country the previous year for 2 months this had set the clock running for the length of stay I could have. To be on good legal ground for the future I was advisable to bring forward our departure from NZ.


Though we had to depart the ship early I am very pleased with what was accomplished in this time. Much of the critical work that I had made note of in 2023 was accomplished. Much of it was safety related and this is always paramount as the lives of the crew are unquestionably important, also the people that the ship serves must be taken into account.

Projects are Plentiful!

Projects are plentiful, from maintaining the ship's tenders to rust control and prevention for the anchor windlass. There are cranes to be serviced, the anchor chain wash system to be rebuilt, sea doors need to be removed, cleaned, and rebuilt and storage areas are undergoing a thoughtful reconfiguration to ensure maximum efficiency

Every student is unique, and I make it a point to ask about their previous experience and gauge where they feel most at home before assigning duties. Some have a keen eye for detail and are candidates for additional training to hone their basic seamanship skills, knowing that some will play a crucial role in the upcoming outreach to Fiji.
Deck Recruits

Beatrice and Aaron have also taken the opportunity to join me on deck for work duty! Beatrice was busy recently sanding one of the launch boats, used in Fiji to ferry patients from the islands to the ship for dental treatment, as well as sanding the brightwork (varnished woodwork) inside the ship ready for new varnish. Aaron has also been out on the deck doing rust removal and freshwater washdowns, and he's very adept with the pressure washer!
We are so grateful for your prayers and ongoing support while we are onboard ship. You are making a difference in the lives of isolated Fijian islanders that the Koha will reach during its 2024 medical mission!

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- Matthew

MV YWAM Koha docked in Port of Tauranga, New Zealand